PCB Design and PCB assembly

PCB Design

We produce professional PCB from circuit diagrams. You can either come to us with the circuit diagram or we can design the schematic with our Electronic Design service. We are capable of producing the necessary CAD files to have your PCB's manufactured quickly and effortlessly. Our CAD program has the following capabilities:

  • 16 copper layers
  • 2 silk screen layers.
  • 4 mechanical layers plus board edge.
  • Keepout Zones.
  • Solder resist and solder paste mask.
  • Fully automatic ratsnest and force vector generation.
  • Acclaimed manual routing system is ideal for complex, netlist based manual routing.
  • Gridless, polygonal power planes with full control of fill styles, thermals, nesting and islands.
  • Connectivity and (live) physical design rule checking verify design integrity.
  • ODB++, CADCAM and panelisation manufacturing output facilities.
  • 3D Visualisation Engine provides 3-dimensional view of the current layout.