Electronic Design

At Quality Electronic Designs, we take your electronic design seriously. We have professional CAD programs to be able to supply you with the proper documentation you require for your design.
We are able to come up with a concept and build a fully working prototype for you from your description of your project, or if you already have an idea with a circuit in mind then we are happy to integrate that into our CAD programs which enables us to produce a PCB prototype.
With our surface mount equipment, we are then able to produce small batches of your design to a board level, right up to the finished product.

The main features we can provide for you are:

  • Concept design.
  • Electronic design.
  • Schematic diagrams.
  • PCB Design either from your schematic or our design for you.
  • PCB assembly - from a supplied kit or as part of a turnkey solution.
  • Product assembly.